Bed Bath of Patient

Bed Bath of Patient

During a bed bath the mouth and pressure parts are attended to; and soiled linen is changed.
(Sage Health Solution Patient Pack)


1) To cleanse the skin.

2) To freshen the patient, especially if he or she is hot and clammy. Also helps to reduce a raised temperature.

3) To soothe a restless patient and promote sleep.

4) To provide some diversion from a monotonous routine.

5) To give an opportunity for the volunteer or caregiver to:

a) Observe the patient and get to know him.

b) Changed soiled bed clothes (Sage Health Solutions Patient Gown for easy changing)

c) Change patients position, (with SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS PATIENT LIFTER) turn his or her body and give attention to pressure parts.

d) Movement helps to prevent deep vein thrombosis, pneumonia and bedsores (Sage Health Solution PVC Covered Convoluted mattress).

e) Patients are twice bathed daily.


Close Windows and curtains to ensure warmth and privacy.
Offer patient bedpan or urinal.


Large Basin of hot water.

Lavender Soap, brush, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Pair of scissors or nail file.

Clean Bed Linen (Sage Health Solutions Patient Pack)

Clean (Sage Health Solution) Patient Gown

2 Face Cloths ( 1 for the face ) (1 for the genitals and anal area)

2 Towels.

Johnsons Baby Lavender powder, Lavender Body Lotion, Prep. (Sage Health Solution Patient wash Pack)
Bath Blanket.

Strip top of bedclothes leaving patient covered in “bath blanket”

Remove hot water bottles, extra pillow,

Lay patient flat

Undress the patient keeping warmly covered with the bath blanket.

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