Giving Suppositories

Giving Suppositories

Giving Suppositories

Rectal suppositories are solid cone shaped pills usually made of cocoa butter or gelatin in which a drug is incorporated. They are inserted into the rectum (back passage) where they dissolve to perform the following functions:

1) Morphine – to relive pain

2) Diazepam – sedative and anti – convulsant action

3) Cyclizine (Valoid) 0 to relive nausea and vomiting

4) Anusol or Scheriproct – for treatment of painful haemorrhoids (piles)

5) Glycerine , Dulcolax or Perilax – used to relieve constipation and empty the bowel


1) A rubber latex or plastic glove

2) Vaseline or KY jelly

3) Suppository

4) Protection for bed – Linen savers Draw mac (Sage Health Solutions)


1) Position patient on left or right side (Sage Health Solution Bed Companion) on back with knees raised: or in a standing position

2) The glove is put on and the index finger as well as the suppository is lubricated with Vaseline or KY jelly.

3) With the index finger the suppository is inserted into the rectum as far as the finger can reach. The suppository is placed in contact with the wall of the rectum, and not placed into faeces. In an adult, to empty the bowel, 2 glycerine suppositories may be used or 1 glycerine suppository and 1 Dulcolax (Perilax) suppository.

4) The buttocks are held together for a while

5) If the suppositories are been given to empty the bowel, the patient is encouraged to keep the suppositories in for at least half- an- hour

6) Throw away gloves.

7) If the patient cannot roll on his side use a (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTION PATIENT SLIP AND SLIDE) when he wants to empty his bowel.