Delivery address please Are there any stairs (extra Charge) delivering upstairs. R450.00 Where in the house is the bed going to delivered. house or an apartment.
Local as far as 20km radius Delivery R450.00 Collection R450.00 20 TO 40KM R550.00 40 TO 60km delivery R650.00
We suggest you purchase a waterproof mattress protector to protect the mattress from soiling and a drawmac and drawsheet pack to protect the sheets from soiling. these products will reduce the washing, stains and odors.
The Pvc waterproof mattress protects the mattress from soiling stains and odors.
Our hospital beds are suitable for Dementia, restless and frail patients. It has cot sides to protect the patient in bed.
Our hospital beds has back elevation to assist with the breathing and feeding of the patient.
Our Hospital beds has leg elevation that assists with the blood circulation. We also offer a range of leg wedges that will also assists with patients that has Gangrene, leg and feet infection and amputation.
Our hospital bed height is +-99cm high, this will hep the carer to bath and feed the patient without putting strain on the back of the carer.
We suggest you use our Patient Lift and Turn Sheet with 6 (100kg) or 10 (up to 150kg) handles. This unique product will assist the carer to lift , turn and transfer the patient , will minimal effort. This product is waterproof.
63cm is this lowest height of the hospital bed, for the patient to get in and out of bed.
WE offer a unique range of products that will make the patient comfortable at home. Height adjustable Hospital bed with cot sides. Waterproof split mattress Fitted sheets custom made to fit the mattress. Draw Mac and Draw sheets to protect the bedding from soiling when there is and accident in bed. Reduces washing. Patient lift an turn sheet, to lift and turn the frail body of the patient.
We have a range of wedges that will assist with the alignment of the body of the stroke patient. Slumber Wedge, Knee Wedge , and the Back wedge.
For Demntia patients we offer a chair and bed harness/restraint to to protect the patient from falling out of the bed or the chair. Our hospital beds has cot sides to protect the patient in bed.
Sage Health Solutions is your one stop patient boutique to assist with a hospital bed and suggested patient products, for home care.
We supply a harness , restraint , and wheelchair belt to protect the patient from falling out of the wheelchair
At Sage Health Solutions you can Rent or purchase a hospital bed. we will deliver and setup at the frail care facility in the Western Cape.
At Sage Health we supply rent hospital beds , waterproof mattress, patient dignity pack and the ultimate patient dignity pack. sage health solutions assists families by maintaining the comfort and dignity of home care patients.