Getting Patient in and Out of Bed, Chair and Car

Getting Patient in and Out of Bed, Chair and Car

Helpless and weak patients may like to;

Sit out of bed in a chair or wheelchair

Get out of bed to use the commode

And need to get in and out of a car.

If your patient is not too tired, this may be an ideal time to walk him to the toilet.

Supported in a sitting position, the patient swings his legs over the side of the bed.

The dressing gown, socks and slippers are put on or other appropriate clothing.

When the patient is ready, the caregiver stands on his right side with her back to the bed,

Takes his arm and clasps his right hand with her left. Her right hand is held in front of the patient who clasps her thumb.

Patient is asked to slide off the bed.

As he does so, the caregiver holds her right foot in front of the patient’s feet as they touch the floor, to give the patient confidence that he will not slip.

The patient is given time to stand and to gain his balance on his feet.

Firmly supported he takes a few steps towards the chair.

When about to sit down and facing the chair, patient is allowed to lean forward and place his left hand on the left arm of the chair, and then the caregiver still supporting him, twist his body into a sitting position in the chair as far back as possible.

Ensure that the patient is comfortable and legs supported.

To get out of the chair the patient brings his head and trunk forward pressing with both hands on the armrest.

Caregiver stands by to support patient and assist him back to bed.

SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS has a PATIENT ANTIMICROBIAL SITTING PILLOW ideal for WHEELCHAIR, CHAIRS, COUCHES, and CAR SEATS. (At times incontinent patients soils the chair or seat they sit on, the sitting pillow helps prevent embarrassment, soiling and odours etc.) it is advised that the patient has their own sitting pillow