Positioning the Patient in bed

Positioning the Patient in bed

Dorsal recumbent:

Patient lies on his or her back with the head elevated by the back end of the hospital bed with one or two pillows.

Legs straight or knees lightly flexed with a supported pillow (Sage Health Solution Antimicrobial Wedge)

For complete relaxation and when carrying out some treatments.


Patient nursed on right or left side with one pillow or two pillows comfortably under the head.

A firm pillow supports the back.

The knees are flexed with (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS WEDGE) and a pillow placed between them to avoid pressure.

This is an alternative to the dorsal position for complete relaxation and to relieve pressure on the back. Also used when carrying out some treatments.

Semi recumbent (semi Fowler’s):

A semi siting position achieved by use of several pillows or (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS Antimicrobial Wedge).

A (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS LEG COMPANION or ANTIMICROBIAL WEDGE) helps to prevent the patient slipping down the bed.Use for a patient with a large abdomen

Fowler’s position:

An almost sitting position, again achieved by use of several pillows of (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS ANTIMICROBIAL WEDGE) elevate the back of the (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS) Hospital Bed. Used for patients with breathing difficulties.

Breathless patients sometimes like to sit on a chair with a (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS) Antimicrobial Wedge in front to lean on.
Alternatively patients with enlarged abdomens or breathing difficulties often find a reclining comfortable chair.

Positioning the unconscious patient:

Nursed on their side to prevent respiratory obstruction by mucus and saliva, which are not cleared by the normal process of swallowing and coughing.


A semi prone position is ideal, patient being turned from side to side at regular intervals (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS) Patient Lifter a sheet that will make it much easier and less uncomfortable for the patient to be turned.

Positioning a paralysed patient:

The paralysed patient is not necessarily unconscious therefore positioning is aimed at preventing pressure sores and pneumonia (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS CONVOLUTED MATTRESS also aims to prevent them).

Position changed regularly with 7 possible variations, viz. right and left lateral, right and left semi prone, right and left semi dorsal, and dorsal (either flat or sitting).

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