Equipment and Accessories

Equipment and Accessories

Make the sick patient’s room as cheerful as possible. (With the assistance of SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS)

He may have to lie there all day, and boredom and despondency can soon settle in.

Avoid leaving him or her on his own for too long. Loneliness can be can be the most dressing aspect for the bedridden.

Place a table or similar near the bed for medicines, drinking water and perhaps a small bell he can ring if he needs attention, or a telephone. Give him a radio, or TV set, and a supply of newspapers, books or magazines.

The Bed

This will usually be a standard single or double bed.

Occasionally a HOSPITAL BED may be hired (obtainable from SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS) to allow for easier nursing, e.g. when a patient requires frequent turning (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS Patient lifter) and changing of position. A hospital bed is higher than a normal bed, high enough for the caregiver to work with the patient in bed. And can be lowered for the patient if necessary to be taken out of bed.

The head / back of the bed is adjustable to allow the patient to sit in a semi-sitting position to either have a meal or to improve breathing.

Cot sides on the Hospital Bed prevents the patient from rolling out of bed.

If frequent care is required a single HOSPITAL BED is preferable for nursing the patient: helping to prevent back trouble for the

The Mattress

The mattress should be supporting and comfortable. And PVC covered (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS) egg box (convoluted) mattress.

Specially designed of foam and placed on top of the PVC covered Split Mattress (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTION) to avoid bed sores.

Protect the mattress with a draw sheet, draw mac or antimicrobial draw sheet, to protect the mattress, from soiling, odour, discomfort and embarrassment for the patient.

The drawsheet should fit lightly across the bed under the patient’s bottom.

In case the patient using a bed pan or a urinal bottle, or and incontinent patient, a waterproof draw sheet, draw mac, or antimicrobial draw sheet, is placed under the patient.

This allows for quick easy changing in the case of accidents or spills without stripping the bed completely.

In a home with limited resources, and a patient incontinent of urine, or diarrhea, disposable incontinent pads, adult napkins and linen savers can be bought.

A sheepskin or Torso (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS)

Can be placed under the patient to help prevent pressure sores and to give added comfort. This is sometimes.

The Pillows

Firm PVC covered pillows are used to support the patient in a sitting position in bed.

The PVC covered pillow (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTION) prevents stains, odours, on the pillow and embarrassment for the patient.

Ring cushions of air, sponge rubber or foam are used to relieve pressure on pressure parts. (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS)

These are placed covered with antimicrobial covering and placed under the buttocks or hips.

Smaller pressure parts are placed on a small cushion, pad or wedge (SAGE HEALTH SOLOUTIONS)


Should be light and warm. Avoid tucking in tightly.

Make a pleat at the foot of the bed to allow sufficient room for the patient’s feet when the toes are pointing upwards.

And assortment of bed wedges/bed companions is available at SAGE HEALTH SOUTIONS to lift the pressure of bedding off the legs and feet.

Hot water bottles

Place in a cover and between the blankets to prevent burns.

A Happy Hugger, Electric Blanket can also be used for warmth, and for the relief of pain.

Bedpans, urinals and commodes:

If the patient is unable to go to the toilet but can get out of the (SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS Hospital lowered) bed, a commode can be used.


Can be rented/ purchased from SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS
Walking stick, walking frames: obtainable from SAGE HEALTH SOLUTIONS